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Too many people overlook the importance of contractors carrying insurance. Nearly every negligence law suite can be traced back to a company that didn't have insurance. Most important, without Workers Compensation insurance, an employee fall can easily lead to a responsible home owner. This can cost you thousands, why take the risk?


Whether you decide to work with us, or another company, please make sure they carry insurance. We have provided this link below to help. Just type in a company's name and see if they are "Cov" covered or "Exem" exempt. Do not hire exempt companies. This just means they have one or two employees, do not carry workers compensation and probably won't be around in the next year or two to service any warranty issues.


These types of companies are NOT allowed to work on commercial sites and WILL put an entire Home Owners Association at risk.


XTerra Clean is fully covered under class code 5551 for ALL roofing applications along with code 9014 for exterior cleaning services.

We have 1 Million Dollar Liability and Workers Comp policies that cover you from A-Z. Our policy holder is a top rated company and proof of insurance is provided with every quote. Your home or business is not the place to cut corners.

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