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Why do I need to clean my roof?

WHY? Well besides looking a bit unsightly, it's actually also damaging your roof and increasing your AC bill!

HOW? Those black streaks, discoloration and stains are actually mold (Gleocapsamagma) if you want to show off. These living organisms feed on the limestone and other minerals found in your roofing material. Mold, retains moisture, increasing wood rot around soffets and spreads quickly, darkening your roof. Heat builds up instead of reflecting, increasing your AC bill...... Bad mold!

WHO? So now that you know why and how your roof gets dirty, and the damage it causes, let's make sure a qualified company can help.

CONCERNS: Your home is probably your largest investment. So don't just trust anyone with it. Your roof provides the barrier to everything you hold dear. So let's arm you with a few key questions before hiring just anyone.


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   Because the safety of your family, home and the environment really matters

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  Extensive Training, Equipment and Insurance = Total Peace of Mind, Trust and Assurance.

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Your Local Exterior Cleaning Experts

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QUESTIONS TO ASK: "Better to ask twice than lose your way once" 

1. Does your company offer in person quotes or just online?

You can not accurately measure a roof, look for landscape  and other concerns without being there in person.

2. Do you carry the correct type of insurance to work on my roof?

Unless they can show you an insurance binder with Workers Comp coded 5551, then they are not insured to be on your roof! This is where most uninsured companies get you! Don't just ask if they have insurance, they will always say yes or that they are exempt. But unless they have this specific insurance, you are not covered if they fall. This is not the place to take short cuts.

3. Does your company require employee background checks?

Do you personally know the people walking around your home? This is your private space and access should be scrutinized.

4. What type of training and experience do you have?

Did you know that there are actual certifications available for exterior cleaning? Can these companies provide them?

5. Are you pre-inspecting for damage and do you provide a report?

What value are you getting with your cleaning? This is the time to document any broken tiles, rotten facias, holes etc.

6. Do you offer a plant protection guarantee?

It's easy to dump loads of bleach on a roof and move onto the next guy. What is the aftermath? Who has to pay?

Tarps burn up plants faster than chemicals. Rain will rinse chemicals onto your plants. What protection measures are in place?

7. Are you using the right type of cleaning solution?

Biodegradable? Low VOC? Safe for my family? Did you know the protective layer under your roof gets wet too. It's supposed to, but put any type of degreaser on it and it  can be ruined. Chemicals designed to clean your home's exterior should never be used on a roof! 


8. Are you using a pressure washer or surface cleaner?

Every major roofing manufacturer recommends using less than 1200 PSI to clean a roof. Pressure washers run at nearly 4000 PSI. Softwashing is the preferred method. Surface cleaners (the spinning disks) are designed to clean your driveway, not your roof!

9. What type of written warranty do you offer?

Do they have a written warranty? Does it stay with the home if you sell it? 

10. What if I'm not 100% happy with the results?

Customer service should always be the top priority. Are you being asked to make a deposit? What if you are not satisfied?


Xterra Clean can answer all of these questions and any others you may have.

Contact us today for you free, no obligation estimate!

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