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Value - Safety - Time

From Large Hotel Chains to your Local Coffee Shop, XTerra has you Covered.


•Every XTerra employee has a complete background check. They are trained on horticulture, chemicals, safety and spraying techniques. We only hire the best.

•Our visit starts with a complete property walk around and evaluation. Safety is our number one priority. Extra time is taken to communicate with the building supervisor to create a work plan. Planning ahead makes sure customers and their property stay safe, runoff goes to a confined area,  and business is not directly effected.


•XTerra's low pressure soft wash system, keep water and chemicals to a minimum. Our high pressure, high flow surface cleaners work wonders on your flat surfaces.

•We go another step further spraying all your plants, bushes, flowers and trees with our nutrient rich Plant Wash. This gives them the perfect dose of  vitamins and minerals that protects and helps them flourish.

The exterior of your business says a lot about your company. Our state of the art equipment uses an electric, low pressure cleaning system on roofs and vertical surfaces allowing for quiet and damage free operation during and after working hours. Flat surfaces can be cleaned by our high pressure, high volume, surface cleaners removing tough dirt and grime that is unsightly, and unsafe. Let our certified and fully insured pros take care of the exterior, giving you peace of mind.

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