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Our goal is to lay out a comprehensive plan that will ensure a happy and clean neighborhood. With our state of the art, low pressure, electric soft wash system, you can expect a quiet operation that is safe and convenient. 

•Every employee has a complete background check. They are trained on horticulture, chemicals, safety and spraying techniques. We only hire the best.

•Our visit starts with a complete property walk around and evaluation. We plan ahead to make sure any runoff goes to a safe area that will not destroy your plants, harm your family or animals and stays out of the storm drains.


•Our low pressure soft wash system, keep water and chemicals to a minimum. Even though our chemicals are biodegradable, too much of a good thing is still too much.

•Following our initial cleaning, we then treat all metal, vinyl surfaces and windows with a neutralizer. This keeps your surfaces shiny, clear and protected from the elements.

•We go another step further spraying all your plants, bushes, flowers and trees with our nutrient rich Plant Wash. This gives them the perfect dose of  vitamins and minerals that protects them from chemicals and helps them flourish.

We will happily sanitize your neighborhood playground equipment. This is a popular place for germs to congregate.

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