Xterra Clean was founded by Garry Menk with the principles of bringing Biodegradable Chemicals, Modern ElectricTechnology and Impeccable Customer Service to our Local Community.


"We want to earn your business through education, hard work, attention to detail and incredible results."


Gone are the days of harmful chemicals, damaging equipment, untrained technicians, subpar insurance and lackluster customer service.


There is a Better Choice, and now it's Yours to Make!


Xterra Clean SoftWashing Disinfecting Near Me


As a family owned local business, when customers like yourself, trust us with their home, you are literally helping us and our incredible team build their dreams!

We have two goals every time we work with a customer. The first goal is to do such an incredible job that we earn a Five Star Review on Google. The second goal is to make the experience so incredible from start to finish that you'll want to tell all your friends and neighbors just how great it was. 

We want to work with you for years to come. No shortcuts. Only positive results!

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Home and Business owners often overlook the importance of their contractors carrying Worker Compensation Insurance. Nearly every negligence law suite can be traced back to a company that didn't have it. Without Workers Compensation Insurance, employees are not covered by the company should an injury occur. This usually leads to a lawsuit between the employee and the home or business owner who knowingly chose a company that was not covered. This can cost you hundreds of thousands, why take the risk?


Whether you decide to work with us, or another company, please make sure they carry Workers Compensation Insurance. We have provided the link below to help you look up other companies. Just type in a company's name and see if a Workers Comp policy shows up. You will be shocked at the number of companies that do not carry it. Many will tell you they are exempt. This just means the State of Florida does not make you have it unless you have 5 or more employees, and probably won't be around in the next year or two to service any warranty issues. Do not hire exempt companies and put yourself at risk! They are not covered!



These types of companies are NOT allowed to work on commercial sites and WILL put an entire Home Owners Association at risk.

XTerra Clean is fully covered under class code 5551 for roofing access, along with code 9014 for exterior cleaning services.

We have 1 Million Dollar Liability and Workers Comp policies that cover you from A-Z. Our policy holder is a top rated company and proof of insurance is provided with every quote. Your home or business is not the place to cut corners.