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How To Attract Butterflies To Your Home

How to attract Butterflies to your home... Butterflies to put it it simply, make us happy. So why not surround ourselves with lots of them! It’s way easier than you think. All you need to start are a few host plants. What are host plants? In addition to nectar, host plants provide butterflies with a place to lay there eggs and mature. After hatching into caterpillars, they use this plant as their food source. Don’t worry, they plants may look eaten, but will bounce right back. They eventually spin into a cocoon and soon transform into a beautiful butterfly! You can keep it super easy by putting the host plants into pots or go wild and create a full butterfly sanctuary!  Lets look at the top 5 plants that work in our area...


Monarchs love Milkweed. Its a beautiful native Florida weed that is available is various colors. It's easy to grow, does well in shade or full sun and requires watering only twice a week. It doesn't take long before you see orange eggs on the plant. These will soon hatch into caterpillars that have yellow, black and white stripes. They will start eating the Milkweed as a food source, then spin into their cocoon, eventually emerging into another beautiful Monarch! You can never have too much Milkweed.


Another Florida species that grows year round. It produces beautiful red flowers that attracts Zebra Longwing and Gulf Fritillary butterflies along with hummingbirds! This plant works best in full sun, but will need periodic trimming.


A climbing plant that has some of the most beautiful blooms. ranging from red to purple. This species attracts Zebra Longwing, Gulf Fritillary along with Julia Butterflies. Bumblebees and other species will also benefit from this plant.


This plant grows super fast and produces incredible blue flowers. They attract multiple varieties of butterflies, and work in a variety of locations. Grows up to 3 ft tall and requires watering only twice a week.


The Casia produces beautiful yellow blooms that attract the Sulfur and Sleepy Orange butterflies. They require lots of sun, but are a beautiful accent to any garden. So go to your local nursery and bring back even more joy to your home!

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