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Xterra Clean Scope of Work: The scope of work is as agreed upon in the contract. Additional requests will be added as an additional charge. Xterra Clean follows the Soft Wash process, a chemical cleaning method with no pressure on roof and vertical surfaces.

Scheduling: Work schedules will be agreed upon with the customer. The customer is responsible for notifying residents or employees of scheduled work.


Water Source: Before commencing work, it's important to note that your water hose connections, pipes, and valves will be utilized for a water source.

Weather Conditions: Weather conditions are crucial, and Xterra Clean may need to reschedule work due to rain, wind, or lightning. Rescheduling will be done at Xterra Clean's discretion, with notification to the customer.

Xterra Clean 5 Year "Spot-Free" Limited Roof Warranty: Xterra Clean offers a 5-year "Spot-Free" Limited Roof Warranty. The warranty covers maintaining a spot-free absence of dark mold and mildew for 12 months from the original cleaning date for qualifying roofs. For white roofs, the spot-free warranty period is 6 months. From year 2 to year 5, Xterra Clean will treat recurring dark mold and mildew areas, with the customer covering the first 50% of the current standard rate. The warranty is applicable to various roof types and conditions, subject to inspection by Xterra Clean.

Plants: Xterra Clean guarantees plant replacement as part of its Satisfaction Guarantee. Proper watering is essential, and clients need to ensure landscape and lawn areas are watered thoroughly before and after service.

Safety: Xterra Clean adheres to the Roof Cleaning Institute of America (RCIA) 50-point standard for safety in the roof cleaning industry.

Payment: All services are payable at the job site upon completion. A 4% Credit Card Convenience Fee will be added to all customer wishing to pay by Credit Card. Non-payment excludes customers from privileges like customer care and warranty claims. Xterra Clean follows a "no pay, no spray" policy.

Gutter Whitening: Efforts will be made to whiten gutters if the service is selected. The outcome may vary, and the client will be informed after the cleaning if any variability is found.

Hidden Damage: All efforts will be made by Xterra Clean to document existing damage before a job begins. However, Xterra Clean may uncover hidden damage like Oxidation, Damaged Paint or Cracked tiles underneath the soiled surface that was not clearly visible before job commencement.

Consequential Damage Disclaimer: Both parties waive claims for indirect, consequential, or special damages, including lost profits, arising from this agreement.

Property Damage Claims: Claims for property damage must be submitted in writing to Xterra Clean within 30 days. Xterra Clean may utilize preferred vendors for restitution.

Dispute Resolution: Claims or disputes will be submitted to mediation before litigation, with jurisdiction in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Limitation of Liability: The liability of Xterra Clean and its related parties is limited to the fee paid for services under this agreement.

Jury Trial Waiver: Both parties unconditionally waive the right to a jury trial for any claims or causes of action arising from this agreement.

Picture and Video Release: The customer agrees to allow Xterra Clean the rights to use pictures and videos of the property for training and marketing purposes unless otherwise noted.

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